Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Her smiling face doesn't seem threatening. But police say Julia Lynch, 30, of New Hampshire tried to get two ex-boyfriends committed to a psychiatric hospital. Neither man needed the locked ward.

According to a Union Leader story:
Lynch has been charged with false swearing and tampering with private records by Dover police in connection with an April incident in which she allegedly tried to get an ex-boyfriend committed.

Last November, Lynch, of Rollinsford, was charged by Portsmouth police with a misdemeanor false swearing complaint after it was discovered that she tried to get a different ex-boyfriend involuntarily admitted to a hospital for psychological testing.

Police said they believe Lynch used her position at Portsmouth Hospital to get a justice of the peace to sign paperwork that would allow the man to be committed.
Because any man would be crazy to break off a relationship with this sweet face, right?

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wikiChick said...

Yikes. She's the female double for Jack Nicholson in The Shining!!!