Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Last week's Conservative Political Action Conference is mostly remembered for Ann Coulter going off the deep end. Lost in the outrage is the story of Matt Sanchez, a Marine Corps reservist who says he was called a "baby killer" while attending school at Columbia University.

For standing up to such criticism, Sanchez was awarded the Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award at last week's CPAC. Bloggers like Michelle Malkin fawned over Sanchez. Here he is with Sean Hannity. And with Ann Coulter.

Sanchez used to have an alias -- Rod Majors. He did gay porn. Here's a link that will lead you to some pics of Sanchez/Majors that are not safe for work, kids, prudes or the weak of heart.

On his blog, Sanchez says he'll have a response sometime on Wednesday. This ought to be good.


Anonymous said...

Just one more soldier in the right wings arsinal of gay porn warriors.
Ala Keith Gannon of Talon "news"

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ann Coulter is decent looking. I can think of one left-wing "deep-ender," James Carville who reminds me of the kid in Deliverance.

Anonymous said...

Say what you may about Deliverance, but Carville must've had the mojo to turn on at least one right-wing fruitbat, Mary Matalin.

As for Coulter, I haven't seen such pronounced cheekbones and sunken eye sockets since the "after" pictures at Auschwitz. Which is ironic, because I'm sure she would have been popular with the folks at the Reichstag.

Somebody needs to feed that witch a bag of Krispy Kremes.

John Stone said...

"The Witch" is actually a Warlock. Born Andrew Coltrane to a wealthy hog farming family, he went to Denmark as a teen for the operation, which according to Dennis Miller, was only partially successful.

He left the family business for the bright lights of the city for fear that returning upon returning to Georgia he might be mistaken for one of the livestock.