Friday, May 04, 2007


J.D. Crouch, a former professor at Missouri State University, is leaving the Bush White House.

Crouch, 48, resigned Friday as deputy national security adviser. Before 2001, he worked at MSU in the defense and strategic studies program.

According to The Associated Press:
Crouch, who has been President Bush's deputy national security adviser for more than two years, said the president never will be swayed by opposition to the war. Instead, Crouch said, Bush will use his resolve to help convince a broad section of Americans that it's important to be in Iraq.

"I think it was really the right thing to do, and I think history will bear that out," Crouch said emphatically in an interview Thursday.

Crouch, 48, said he's been thinking for months about leaving his job as deputy to the president's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley. In announcing his resignation on Friday, Bush said Crouch has been "at the forefront in devising and implementing the new strategy to help build a peaceful, stable and secure Iraq."


Anonymous said...

The story says Crouch is leaving to work in the private sector or academia. Doesn't he know where he's going to work? Why is he leaving today?

Anonymous said...

Deputy Fife, er, Crouch, deserves his proportionate share of blame for the mess in which Mayberry finds itself in Iraq. Which can only mean he'll be rewarded with a non-teaching faculty job at Missouri State University.

Maybe he'll be appointed Deputy Do-Nothing Adviser to Ken McClure, over in the MSU College of Washed-Up Bureaucrats. Huzzah!