Monday, May 07, 2007


When it's cloudy and rainy, we like to jog over to Rapture Ready and see how close we are to the going-up elevator (as opposed to the weird movie from 1991 starring Mimi Rogers).

The RR people keep something called the Rapture Index; it purportedly measures world events and comes up with a formula -- an RPI without tall guys or March Madness.

The Rapture Index stands at 157 this week, down a couple points in recent days but still way off the mark set on Sept. 24, 2001, when the count hit 182 and atheists got ready for more elbow room.

Handy rapture factoid: On Dec. 12, 1993, the Rapture Index dropped to an all-time low of 57. Bill Clinton was in office. Things were relatively positive and peaceful. The rapture was on no horizon. More proof that it's all Clinton's fault.


The Lorax said...

Now I'll know when to collect all the empty cars for resale.

Thanks for the great site, Ron.

Anonymous said...

Such a treasure of information for seekers. I liked this article:

The Lord Would Certainly Not Be a Democrat

Chase Davis said...

I consider myself a conservative republican, and I go to church every damn Sunday, and we don't belive in any rapture.

Anonymous said...

Um, Chase, is that a Christian church you attend? Just wondering because the rapture is Biblical and Christianity follows the tenants of the Bible.