Thursday, June 07, 2007


Edwin R. Hall has been charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping in the weekend death of Kelsey Smith. The 18-year-old vanished from the parking lot of a Target store in Overland Park, Kan.; her body was found Wednesday, and Hall was arrested a few hours later.

He is 26. Cops released his mug shot on Thursday. The Kansas City Star has it, along with several stories.

Look at this mug. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that, but one thought instantly springs to mind: Creep show.


Anonymous said...

How would you like that freak staring at you?

Larry Burkum said...

Something looks wrong with the photo. The right side of his neck (on the viewer's left) is cut off. It's almost as if the head was placed on top of another body. Probably just poor lighting, but it does add to the creepiness.

Desdinova said...

The shirt is the same color as the background and with that lighting it makes it look like a decapated head.