Thursday, June 28, 2007


On the KY3 Political Blog, Dave Catanese writes about Hillary Clinton's campaign and its admission that Sen. Barack Obama may raise more money, a possibility that will be revealed when second-quarter fundraising closes on Saturday.

Dapper Dave quotes from the Clinton campaign blog:
"We expect to bring in about what we did in the First Quarter, or slightly more, which should put us in the range of $27 million. To put that figure in some perspective, it is more than any Democrat has ever raised in the second quarter of the "off" year. While that figure is record setting, we do expect Senator Obama to significantly outraise us this quarter," writes communications director Howard Wolfson on the campaign's blog today.

I always feel a bit queasy when I write strictly about money when measuring a candidate. It just seems wrong that we put so much of an emphasis on dollar amounts.

But that being said, the conventional wisdom is that if Sen. Barack Obama is able to outraise Clinton for a second consecutive quarter, it's a big story.
Sounds like Clinton's people are playing double-psych with the Obama camp. If Obama doesn't "significantly outraise" Clinton in Q2, he'll look like he fell short of expectations. If she raises north of $30 million and comes close to Obama's total, she'll be the winner.

Nothing but a ritual dance in the sun. No wonder so many people hate politics.


Busplunge said...

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting take on Hilary in his blog....citing a recent M-D poll

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's why the Clintons are the best in the business and why I don't see Obama or Edwards getting close to her, and I don't see any Republican giving her much of a fit either.

Anonymous said...

You say that like it's a GOOD thing, anon 7:04 PM.

When, in actuality... barring the election of Ron Paul... we'll wind up with yet another statist moron with either an R or D after his/her name.

The future's so bright, I need welding goggles.

Anonymous said...

I'm nervous that Davis' connections to KY3 (via 33) will have a more slanted view on MO politics. Can you ease my fears??

Ron Davis said...

Anon 827, there is no need to be nervous, because a) the KYTV newsroom makes its own decisions, and I rightly have no voice in their deliberations and decisions, and 2) I'm just one voice among the many in KSPR's decisions regarding news, and candidly, political coverage isn't the biggest priority in our newsroom. I'd also point you to the politics label on this blog. If you read through the postings, you'll find critiques of both major political parties.

Anonymous said...

And they say the media doesn't lean left.

Anonymous said...

my god, slanted politics on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't KY3 own 33 now?