Monday, July 09, 2007


One thing wrong with the TASER is its inability to control more than one person at a time. We're in a multitasking world, kids; we need the ability to zap a crowd into herky-jerky land.

We are in luck. UPI reports:
A multi-shot TASER weapon will boost riot-control capabilities in the United States by controlling the streets through non-lethal means.

The 6-shot Shockwave is designed for military use and can launch multiple electric-shock prongs that will disable even the most determined protesters.

"The TASER Shockwave addresses the need for enhanced area denial and force protection at checkpoints where life-and-death decisions must be made instantaneously," CEO Rick Smith said Monday at the TASER Tactical Conference in Chicago.
Shockwave can launch in a 22-degree arc; it fires darts up to 25 feet. There's also a wireless version that can be fired from a special shotgun.

TASER stands for Tom A. Swift's Electric Rifle. No need for a fake gun, we said, blankly.

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Anonymous said...

The Europeans experimented with this a few years ago and found that protesters easily got around it (shields anyone?). They found that old fashioned water-cannon was still the most effective and non-lethal way of blasting thru anarchist demonstrators.