Sunday, July 15, 2007


On stage, no less. The Associated Press reports from Wyoming:
Robin Munis was struck in the head with one gunshot that came from outside the Old Chicago restaurant where she had been performing just after midnight Saturday, Cheyenne police Capt. Jeff Schulz said. No one else was hurt.

Witnesses saw her husband, David Munis, in the area, but no one has reported seeing the shot fired, Schulz said. No weapon was found.
The estranged husband is a National Guardsman with sharpshooter training. Cops say they warned him on Friday to quit harassing his soon-to-be ex. The fatal shot came from the parking lot and went through a glass door.

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The Lorax said...

Must have been the 100s of beers that Old C's offers. Mmmm, old C's!

(On another note... it's 10:52p Sun in Springburg... and your blog just updated in Google Reader... while the post says 3 AM. Not so good, Google. Boo. Hiss).