Thursday, September 13, 2007


Art Morris' Missouri Radio Message Board has become a must-read for natterers and their (our) ilk. A recent thread about a potential breach of ethics at a talk-radio station drew so many hits and comments that Art has started up a companion thread.

If you've an opinion about talk radio and the Ozarks, you must click over and join in. Or leave your thoughts here, and we'll cross-post with Art.

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Anonymous said...

I would submit that there are NO media ethics at the morning radio talk show on KSGF. Ask Vincent David Jericho if he knows any of points in the Society of Professional Jounalists Code of Ethics. The answer would be "no" because, despite what VDJ says on the air, he is NOT a journalist. At best, VDJ is like a waiter in a small town coffee shop sharing gossip with the regular retirees that come in (or tune him on) every morning.