Saturday, November 10, 2007


"The Executioner's Song" may be greater than Capote's "In Cold Blood." It's certainly just as great.

Reuters reports:
In more than 40 books and a torrent of essays, Mailer provoked and enraged readers with his strident views on U.S. political life and the wars in Vietnam and Iraq.

Mailer's first book, "The Naked and the Dead," is considered one of the finest novels about World War Two and made him a celebrity at age 25 when published in 1948.

Mailer's works were often filled with violence, sexual obsession and views that angered feminists. He later reconsidered many of his old positions but never surrendered his right to speak his mind.
The writer knew his voice and used it.


Anonymous said...

ol' stormin' norman tweren't no oj though. norm's wife survived while oj's is nekkid & dead. good fuckin' riddance you ol' wife stabber too damn bad you couldn't take the oj with you.

Anonymous said...

Norman can now argue with God.

Anonymous said...

What a one-sided argument!