Sunday, July 06, 2008


Ozarks definition of a mullet: The driver of a slow-moving RV, usually on a winding highway around Branson, always in front of you.

As RV Business reports, a poll shows mullets love Sen. John McCain:
Fully 67% of the 346 participants cast their ballots for Republican Senator McCain. Democratic Senator Barack Obama was a distant second at 25% while Libertarian Bob Barr carried 2% and another 6% were undecided.

The overwhelming factor among McCain supporters was his level of experience.

"There are several key issues, including national security, taxes and the economy," said a member of the supplier community. "Obama is inexperienced and has no track record to be qualified to lead our country. It's somewhat unbelievable he has gotten this far."
Slow-moving drivers for a slow-moving president.


Anonymous said...

The Mullet moniker came from Branson service industry folks many years ago as sort of a counterpoint to tourists from the north being called
snowbirds in Florida. We're talking about the bottom feeding fish here, not the hair style. For your listening pleasure I would recommend requesting from Les Gallier, the next time you are lucky enough to see a band he is playing in, he play his song "I'm a Mullet". My favorite line from the song about the driver of a slow RV is "Got a little poodle, his name is Pierre, he hangs out the window and sniffs the air".

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of great Branson attractions to see while there!