Saturday, September 27, 2008


Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah wants everyone to donate $7 to stop Sen. Barack Obama from becoming president. Being the unimaginative sort, Hatch begs for bucks in a fundraising letter that epitomizes the problem with today's GOP -- it can't stop living in the past.

Writes Hatch:
You'd think it was the 1970s all over again.

Barack Obama is resurrecting Jimmy Carter's failed tax, energy and economic plans.

Iran is saber-rattling against the West.

And, Hanoi Jane Fonda is stumping for liberal Senate candidates.

That's right, tonight Jane Fonda and all of her far-left Hollywood liberal friends are expected to raise $1 million for Democrat Senate candidates with one goal in mind -- to break our Senate firewall and seize total control of our government!

"Everything now is 'Obama, Obama, Obama,' but we're also concerned about the Senate, which is critically important no matter who wins the White House. We need to give the Democrats a majority totaling at least 60 senators."

These Hollywood liberals understand the stakes. A 60-seat filibuster-proof super majority means conservatives would be powerless to stop the liberal agenda in the Senate.

Hollywood may not be on our side, but we have you.
Reds under Hollywood's beds, all that. Dusty bluster. No new ideas.


Anonymous said...

Why do you bitch?

After all, it is Camp Obama that asks for Missouri law enforcement to go after anyone that says anything negative about your Community Organizer slash Jesus Christ.

You left wingers bitch to high heaven over the Patriot Act and so-called violations to the 1st Amendment, but say anything about "Jesus" and look out. Can you spell H-I-T-L-E-R?

Anonymous said...

It only took Anonymous(e) one comment to invoke Godwin's Law. Talk about bitchy!

albertjames said...

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