Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Is the local newspaper worth 75 cents a pop?

We all get to find out Monday, when the News-Leader increases its single-copy price. If letters like this one are any indication, the paper's making a grab for the sliver of the wingnut audience that can read. Hope it works out for the typists on Boonville Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Gannett just announced a 10% staff reduction companywide as of Dec. 1 (Just in time for Christmas!). Will the last person in the N-L newsroom turn off the lights?

Anonymous said...


You're really letting your left-wing extremist side show here in the closing weeks of the election.

Are you okay with Bill Ayres and his domestic terrorism? Do you agree with what he told the New York Times (not a "wingnut" paper to be sure) that he wishes he would have blow up more U.S. Government institutions?

Do you think KSPR viewers are "wingnuts?"

Get ahold of yourself man!

Anonymous said...

Ayes hung up his bombs in 75'. And his comments were in relation to his memiors which were just published. BTW, you guys are making Ayers rich since you started mentioning him his book sales have soared!

Chain Gang BBQ said...

shak el, once again you are as wrong as wrong can be. The quote anon was citing was an OpEd piece written by Ayres in the NYT on 9/11/01. HIS WORDS!

By the way, if Ayres isn't enough, how about the videotape the LA Times won't release where your Marxist candidate pals around at a banquet with Rashid Khalidi. Now in case you want to play dumb, this guy, a former PLO spokesman, now turned PROFESSOR is an anti-Israel supporter.

Now before you just claim this is just another "association," consider the fact the Obama's and Khalidi had numerous dinners together AND the Khalidi's babysit for Barack and Michelle Obama.

Either the Obama's don't vet their babysitters or they just don't care about who they hang out with.

Anonymous said...

AmPat, would please provide links to specific factual evidence supporting these claims you keep making? What you read on a left-wing blog or a right-wing blog or hear or talk radio or see on talk TV (that includes Olberman and O'Reilly) are not "facts."

For example, how do you know the LA Times has this videotape you allege they won't release? The LA Times is hardly a liberal newspaper. So why won't they release it?

Oddly enough, my word verification is RUMERS.

Anonymous said...

AmPat, both you and anon2:59 are wrong. Have either of you read the NY Times article from which Sarah Palin is pulling the falsity you both claim to be fact?

Here, I'll provide the reference for you, since neither of you are able to actually provide it:

(In an article that by chance was published on Sept. 11, 2001, The New York Times wrote about Mr. Ayers and his just-published memoir, “Fugitive Days,” opening with a quotation from the author: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Three days after the Qaeda attacks, Mr. Ayers wrote a reply posted on his Web site to clarify his quoted remarks, saying the meaning had been distorted.

“My memoir is from start to finish a condemnation of terrorism, of the indiscriminate murder of human beings, whether driven by fanaticism or official policy,” he wrote. But he added that the Weathermen had “showed remarkable restraint” given the nature of the American bombing campaign in Vietnam that they were trying to stop.)

Ayres did NOT write and OpEd piece in the NY Times on 9/11/01. The NY Times "wrote about Mr. Ayers and his just-published memoir, “Fugitive Days,” opening with a quotation from the author..."

The quotation IS Ayers' words, but specifically came from his book and specifically referred to 1960s era bombings, not 9/11 as you imply.

It's also obvious anon2:59 didn't bother to read the linked letter, unless s/he truly believes Obama and Hitler are the same. Can either of you truly not see that letter as written by a wingnut?

Surely you're both smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

Weird, how a posting about a rise in the per copy price of the N-L got so very off track. FWIW, the N-L jumped the shark long ago.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

The letter, written by Ayres was published by NYT on 9/11/2001. That's the fact.

This blog is like talking into a dead phone.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

The letter, written by Ayres was published by NYT on 9/11/2001. That's the fact.

This blog is like talking into a dead phone.

Anonymous said...

AssPat: It is a dead phone when you're mouthing. Caught by the facts, you keep spluttering and making no sense. BTW, it's Ayers, not Ayres.

Anonymous said...

Assnonymous here, a name awarded from ASSpat on an earlier thread. I kind of like it... Just to clear things up a bit, I am not any of the above anons, but I do agree with 10:50. When ASSpat gets going on a thought he never lets truth and facts get in the way of a good rant. Getting back to the topic though, how dare the News Leader raise the price 50% when quality and content has decreased at least that much over the last few years?

Anonymous said...

This October 30th letter to the Ed. might be worth a few cents extra:

I am the only one who told a prominent politician of India, Mr. L.K. Advani, the leader of opposition, "Sir, I started praying for gasoline price to go down from July 14 and in the next two weeks, you will see considerable dip in the price of gasoline." After about 16 days, I noticed that the price of gasoline in world market has gone down by $26. Then I called him up and asked him if he remember my saying to him on July 16 and if he had noticed that the price of gasoline has gone down by $26. He answered in the affirmative and I told him, "Sir, I said that to you to show that I am a man of God and he listens to my prayer."

God listens to me and I can say that those candidates who requests my prayer will win if they will listen to my positive living initiative. Also if Wall Street will call me to pray at the time of their ringing bell, Wall Street will steadily go up and within the year it will go above 10,000 points. If possible please give my e-mail (theprayerforce.com) to send prayer requests.

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Jesu Das, Carthage

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all ask the Revrund from Carthage to pray that AssPat rides off into the sunset very soon, and finds himself a new dead phone to yammer into.


Chain Gang BBQ said...

OK, all you Obama supporters. al Qaeda has given you your orders.

Abu Yahya al-Libi wants President Bush and the GOP to be "humiliated" in the election next week.

So here's your chance to help al Qaeda and elect Obama AND withdraw from Iraq.

And assnonymous, I got a horse you can sit on. And spin!

Anonymous said...

Meka-Leka Hi, Meka-kiss my Hiny Ho ASSpat, you sanctimonious SOB.

President Bush and his way of doing things have done more to humiliate this country than any day of Democracy (that's Tuesday to you, you ignorant bastard) can do.

It's not very American nor patriotic of you to say such things of fellow citizens who may or may not be voting the way you are. Riddle me this you prick, if Obama wins will you consider him YOUR President?

...Assnonymous and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a note the publisher of the N-L gave to staffers today concerning the 10% Gannett cutbacks. What a nice guy!

"You all received by now Bob Dickey’s note about our need for an involuntary layoff of 10% to adjust our expense to match weaker revenues due to the declining economy. Several employees have asked if we would consider them for the severance package. If you wish to leave and want consideration for the severance package we will give to severed employees, you should talk with your department head so as they work through their adjustments to the department they are aware of your interest. Since we are moving very quickly to get this behind us so we can focus on our customers and business during their busy holiday sales season, you should let your department manager know by the end of business today. If you need help understanding how your other benefits would be affected, please see HR."

Chain Gang BBQ said...

Assnonymous. Such language. Bastard? Prick? Ron, would you please step in and tell this poor individual that swearing shows a lack of intelligence? I know you hate Republicans. What would we do without, as my daughter calls them, Democraps?

I disagree with you about Bush. He is in no way a conservative. I have disagreed with him more than I have supported his policies. He spends money like Obama will spend money, but despite the fact you think he's a dumb butt, he sure kicked yours in 2000, 2002 and 2004. Three out of four ain't bad.

And please don't feed me that garbage about how Gore really won. No matter how you slice it, Algore sweats so bad, he could be his own wet bulb. But instead of measuring humidity with a wet bulb, you could actually measure Algore's humility.

Good Night and Good Luck

Ron Davis said...

AmPat: You ask me to "step in" and mediate your battle with someone after you accuse all Obama supporters of being stooges for al-Qaeda. You seek relief from criticism after posters note your many factual inaccuracies and you refuse you acknowledge them. You want me to tell someone to shut up after you tell them to sit and spin.

You accuse me of hating Republicans. You clearly do not know me; if you did, you would never write something so ridiculous.

As for your professed offense at "swearing," I wonder if you're aware that swearing is more than using so-called curse words. Vulgar statements laced with contempt are also a form of swearing. This makes you guilty of the very thing you accuse Assnonymous of doing.

You are free to read or ignore this blog. You are free to comment; no one has tried to stifle your right to type. If you don't like what's posted here, please feel free to leave. But please don't pretend you're being unfairly picked on. You sow. You reap.

Good luck to you. I'm serious. No matter who's elected on Tuesday, we'll all need a healthy dollop of luck for the future.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

My apologies. I do find it funny, however, how Assnonymous seems to appreciate his/her new mane and how it seems to fit in the lexicon. Bravo, Assnonymous, and I'm glad you like the name. It fits.
Now. A question for the readers of Chatter.

Have you heard of a book, writing entitled, "Prairie Fire"? It was written in 1971 or 72, I think.

The author was William Ayres. Yes, I know. There goes ASSpat with another unhinged rambling. But before you condemn, and take a deep breath, he dedicates this book to.....Sirhan Sirhan.

Oh, my holy God. Say it ain't so, Joe. Someone who was "in my neighborhood," someone I shared a peanut butter n jelly sandwich with, someone I thought was rehabilitated, dedicates a book to the man who killed Robert Francis Kennedy?

Check it out. Enjoy. Good Night and Good Luck.

And good night yo you, Assnonymous, wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tied of people using inappropriate forums to espouse their political views and call other people names when they disagree. This was a posting about the News-Leader and its pricing, and it has deteriorated beyond all belief.

Do us all a favor and take your political rantings somewhere else -- at least to a blog posting that has something to do with politics.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

I don't give a rats ass about the News-Loser. It's a piss poor rag. Always has been.

There, Anon, happy? And while we still have First Amendment rights, I'll post what I want and where I want.

What newspapers have you tossed off your plane?

Anonymous said...

Of course, the First Amendment protects you from having your rights infringed upon by the government. You have no First Amendment right to post on a blog that is not part of the government. So take that, ironically named American Patriot. I'm just saying you should stick to the topic. Spew your diatribes somewhere where they're appropriate.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

Anon 12:23. Screw you. People have the right to free speech. Period. And what gives you the Goddamned right to tell me what I can say and where I can say it.

You go spew your verbal vomit on that worthless piece of shit candidate you're backing. You know, Curious George.

Anonymous said...

ampat, thanks for demonstrating you have the same IQ as Sarah Palin. Neither of you has bothered to read the Constitution, or simply lack the intelligence to understand it.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

anon12:23 is not the government (i.e., Congress) and therefore is incapable of abridging your free speech. Ron Davis, owner of this blog, is not the government and is also incapable of violating your right to free speech. Both of them can to tell you what to say and where to say it, or where NOT to say it without violating any of your rights.

I'm sure your skull is far too thick and too full of crap for that very elementary explanation to penetrate. But it provides me with one additional opportunity to demonstrate how woefully unprepared Sarah Palin is to be vice president, and therefore to call into question the sanity of John McCain.

I urge you to crawl back under your bed and contemplate your navel for awhile longer. Or move to Idaho where you'll likely find more kindred spirits. Plus, you'll gain valuable foreign policy experience living so close to another country.

Anonymous said...

The ironically named American Patriot reveals his capacity for rational thought. What, may I ask, in my previous posts about the News-Leader or the First Amendment reveals anything about my political beliefs? And despite your profanity-laced tirade, the fact remains that you have no First Amendment right to post one of your screeds to a blog. Try reading the constitution or any of the thousands of court cases that confirm this.