Friday, March 06, 2009


Springfield police are looking for a teen who's reportedly tagging downtown businesses.

From the cops:
The damage is the result of a suspect(s) tagging businesses with the words KEY, BOBE or KSB. The suspect(s) is using either black spray paint, or white shoe polish or marker, to tag the outside of businesses. Investigators do not believe that the tagging represents any gang affiliation. Investigators believe the suspect(s) have been involved in 22 incidents of property damage. Most of the incidents occurred in January and February.
At least he's not painting "CUIM" on buildings. Caught Up In Madness, indeed.

Police say the tagger is a teen, between 5'-8" and 5'-11", weighing 135-150 pounds. Got a clue? Call the cops at (417) 869-TIPS.


Chain Gang BBQ said...

There's a Liberal in search of a Stimulus Plan.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have teens tagging businesses than the dow turns.

Anonymous said...

Call it what it is: vandalism.

Chain Gang BBQ said...

Let's treat spray paint cans like cigarettes.

You have to show ID and we'll tax the crap out of them. Then kids like this one won't be up to 5 cans a day.

Anonymous said...

Leave him alone. He's still celebrating Black History Month....the rest of us will go to work to pay for it.