Monday, August 28, 2006


A private jet collided with a glider on Monday. Guess who won? KOLO-TV has the story:
Authorities say the jet was traveling at 300 knots when it collided with the glider over Douglas County about 3 p.m. Monday.

They say the pilot and his crew had to make an emergency landing without landing gear at the Carson Airport. They had just received clearance from the tower to descend to 12,000 feet.

The plan has received major damage to the nose of the aircraft, and it is not known if it is the result of impact to the glider or the ground upon landing.

Sheriff's Deputies say he sustained non-life threatening injuries ... miraculously, the co-pilot and three passengers on board were not hurt.

News Channel 8 has learned the aircraft is a Hawker 800-XP, which is a fixed-wing, multi-engine turbo jet.

The plane belongs to Mecox Ventures Incorporated out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Officials say the pilot left Los Angeles sometime Monday afternoon, and was on its way to Reno.

The condition of the glider and its occupant(s) is not known, and search crews continue to search for the missing craft in the Pine Nut Mountains. Crews from Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Washoe Counties have joined efforts in the search.
Getting hit by a jet at 300 knots while gliding more than two miles in the air? Not the way to go.

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