Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Five heads, all human, tossed onto a crowded dance floor in western Mexico, according to early reports. Cops say drug gangs are responsible for the littering:
"Hooded men dressed in black stormed into a bar, fired into the air and threw down five heads," said Rosaura Trujillo, a spokeswoman for the Michoacan state prosecutor's office.

The men also left a card with the message: "The family does not kill for money. It does not kill women. It does not kill innocents. It kills only those who deserve to die. Everyone take note - this is divine justice."
Sol y Sombra is the name of the club. Sun & Shade. A place to lose your head.


notafinga said...

Someone call the sister cities association, let's book the room.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats getting head on the dance floor at a disco. Desdinova the Eternal Light.

notafinga said...

Yikes. That crack has to come with bad bad juju.