Monday, February 12, 2007


Angela Nellany of Oakdale, Calif., reportedly wanted it that way -- for her ex-husband. The 50-year-old woman was arrested Sunday and accused of trying to hire a friend to kill her ex by putting wasps in his car. The friend told Paul Nellany about the plot. WLTX reports:
Investigators said Nellany had heard rumors that his ex-wife was trying to kill him but never took them seriously until confronted by the friend.

In December, the woman contacted other friends and asked them to put wasps in Nellany's car so that he would get stung, according to authorities. Nellany is allergic to wasps. He told detectives when he started his vehicle and turned on the heater the wasps came out of the heater vents. Investigators said he managed to get out without being stung.

Stanislaus County sheriff's deputies suspect one motive for Angela Nellany's actions was to collect on her ex-husband's life insurance policy which is worth $250,000.
Good to see that Blackie Lawless and the boys are still working.

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Investigators described the plot as a failed sting operation.