Thursday, April 26, 2007


Tiffany Weaver wanted it bad. So the 29-year-old Maryland woman used a fake ID and posed as a lawyer so she could meet with inmate Jason Moody, serving three dimes for manslaughter.

This week Weaver pleaded guilty to identity theft and use of false government identification. The Associated Press reports:
Weaver arrived at the (prison) with a Maryland State Bar Association Security Identification Pass with a photo and a business card with attorney Amanda Sprehn's name.

She asked for admittance to meet with Moody and showed the fraudulent badge. Corrections officials responsible for monitoring inmate meetings with attorneys witnessed the two having sex once they were alone. The corrections officers ended the meeting.
In case you wondered: Yes, there is a real Amanda Sprehn, and yes, she's an attorney. She was notified via letter that she was banned from the prison for having sex with an inmate. "A real laugh," Sprehn said of the letter. It arrived while she was on maternity leave.


Anonymous said...

You know, there are prisoners begging to be transferred to Mexico for their incarceration, because Mexican jails tend to be a bit more lenient on the basic-human-needs question.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Red, you kinda implied a pregnant woman wouldn't be having sex. I think some of them do. Yep, I'm almost sure of it.