Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Some people who condemn homosexuality as purely nurture-based behavior have, in past, been stymied by evidence that many animals engage in same-sex relations.

But they've found a new argument. Robert A.J. Gagnon, an associate professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, outlines it for LifeSite:
"I never used my dear departed dog 'Cocoa' and her instinctive sexual habits as a basis for determining what is 'natural' behavior. You can find animals of various species where some part of the population at least practices incest, pedophilia, extreme polyamory, and cross-species sex, along with same-sex activity."
You forgot cannibalism, Bob.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hell, Ron, instead of shaking hands maybe we should sniff each others butts.

Or better yet, let's make Butt Surfing an Olympic event. It would be a nice break from curling.