Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In Merlin, Ore., the Udink family has been stripped of its identity, thanks to bureaucrats with no sense of reality.

The Udinks have been ordered to turn in their vanity license plates because their last name could be viewed as offensive.

The Associated Press reports:
The plates, UDINK1 UDINK2 and UDINK3 are on the vehicles of Mike and Shelly Udink and their son Kalei. Two of the plates are five and seven years old. One was issued last year.

Last summer, Kawika Udink's application for UDINK4 was rejected and the state ordered that the other three plates be returned.

"DINK has several derogatory meanings," Yvonne Bell, who sits on the Department of Motorvehicles panel that approves vanity plates, told the Daily Courier newspaper.

DMV spokesman David House and Bell said the word can be treated as a verb, which gives it a sexual reference, and also can be a racial slur targeted at the Vietnamese.
Udink is a Dutch name. Hope the Hardik family doesn't have vanity plates.


Anonymous said...

Stupidity in action!

Anonymous said...

what about the poor PSANT's of the world

Anonymous said...

The Hardiks are always rear-ending people in heavy traffic.

Anonymous said...

Red, you are too funny. Thanks for the morning laugh. :)