Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Nine months after the ice storm, a not-unexpected side effect begins to emerge.

Babies. Lots of babies.

The story on KSPR features Cheri Meyer, a woman so brave, she allowed her huge-with-twins belly to be videotaped for television.

We don't intend to use this space to promote the workside of life, but this one's worth sharing.


Jason said...

I had a good laugh when the Journey track started playing. It was a nice touch whoever's idea it was to bring in a Steve Perry moment.

Anonymous said...

Would have been a lot better if I could stand her voice.

I gave the new KSPR the good ole college try. Yes, it's improved. But not enough to make me come back consistently. I was psyched to see Joe and Christine together. But now, they just seem awkward. Are they really married? Is it that awkward at dinner?

And the Daily Download is a disaster. Stick to news.
But all the local news outlets just feed into "what the viewers want" anyway. If the viewers really knew what news was, journalists would be irrelevant.

Ironically, the best thing about the new KSPR is what came over from KY3.

Art Morris said...

I turned on the 10pm news last night, just as the story came on. My wife was walking by, and stopped in her tracks to watch this particular story. I'm sure that was the expected result.

I have pretty much given up on watching the 10pm news, because I've already seen most of the stories at 430, 500, and 600pm. But, KSPR has been leading with something different.

I've resigned myself to the fact that there are only a few of us that like 'hard news' anymore. Police blotters and circuit court records don't excite people anymore.

Art Morris

Busplunge said...

This story (on the not-unexpected side effect of the ice storm)proves once again that my plan to stop teen pregnacy will work:

Free cable tv.

thank you very much

Gary said...

I suggested this very story to a producer at KOLR many, many weeks ago. To my knowledge, nothing was ever done on it.

Shak El said...

I really doubt that there was much of an increase in the birth rate as compared to last winter. Whenever these stories get investigated like the "baby train" urban legend they turn out to be just "wishful" urban legends.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Shak, statistically it is already proven. I believe it it a 56% increase, but it may be 52. The point is, math beats nay-sayers every time.

Shak El said...

I would like to see the source of the Stats...and how they come up with their numbers