Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yes, indeed. And a whole lot more. Kids in Anderson, S.C. are doing the nasty in a middle-school restroom. WYFF reports:
Police said that the boy and girl, who are both 12 years old, admitted to having sex at McCants Middle School in Anderson between Feb. 25 and March 5.

Investigators said that both students had asked to go to the restroom on Friday, and when an unusually long time had passed, a teacher went to check on them and said they were found involved in a sex act in the boys' restroom.

Investigators said the students admitted to at least three sex acts committed while in the school building, including intercourse.
Both kids are suspended and could be expelled, giving them that much more time for intercourse.


Anonymous said...

"I did not have sexual relations with that school girl."

Always glad to see liberals setting a good example for America's youth.

Anonymous said...

at least the liberals do it the old fasioned way...a boy and a girl. Conseratives like to play the footsie with the wide stance in the bathrooms.