Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Twenty years ago today we were in Louisiana, covering the downfall of Assemblies of God preacher Jimmy Swaggart.

Fourteen years ago today we left work in a haze of depression and spent the afternoon on a purple leather couch with Wing and Henry, watching MTV's coverage of Kurt Cobain's death.

We felt old and wise then. Any similar feelings now are blunted by the knowledge that we were so wrong then, at least when it came to being wise.

Hello. How low?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, fond memories, indeed. Yet, not quite as fond as a summer night 39 years ago come this July.

That night, July 18, 1969, Senator Ted Kennedy committed manslaughter by drowning Mary Jo Kopechne.

Ironic isn't it. You tap a toe in a men's room and you're almost politically lynched.

Kill someone and, well, you serve a life term...in the United States Senate.

Sing it Barbara....."Memories...."