Friday, August 26, 2005


So our friend MIT rang up with the most marvelous suggestion. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Southwest Missouri State University bites the dust when Saturday becomes Sunday in Springfield. The regional school drops its first name and becomes Missouri State University.

But what to call the "new" school? MSU is definitely out, unless you live in East Lansing. "Mizzou State" will get you beaten to a pulp in Springfield and Columbia. "Mo State" seems rinky-dink. And "Missouri State" just sounds bland, like biscuits with white gravy but no sausage.

Enter MIT, a wise mind, who says: Make it MoSt.


MoSt gives the school a big, bold, brash sound. The stairstep lettering evokes the future -- kinda like NeXT, only without the cube computer. Easy to pronounce, too, most everyone would agree.

MoSt. Hey, it's shorter than "Mo State," and it doesn't remind us of cows.


Anonymous said...

With all the cows on campus, shouldn't it be 'MOO State'?

Anonymous said...

Cows? What happened to the squirrels?

I WILL ALWAYS be a graduate of SMS.
they gonna send me a new diploma. this whole name change is much ado about nothing. I'm tired of reading about it. I'm gonna pull a gone with the wind thing here, frankly Scarlett....

Anonymous said...

Brillant!!! MoSt it is ....

They will be happy to send you a new diploma for $50 (that's what it was in '72 -- may be $500 now) -- signed by... by ... ahem ... who the hell is the Prez now???