Friday, August 26, 2005


And that's exactly where many social conservatives want Jack Danforth, the former U.S. senator from Missouri.

Go figure. Danforth personally ushered the Clarence Thomas nomination through the Senate, angering nearly every liberal in the country. You'd think a politician with his bona fides would get nothing but love from Republicans.

Not from the new Republicans, the social cons who rule that party and loudly let everyone know it. Danforth angered them this week by daring to speak out against the increasingly religious agenda of the Republican Party.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Danforth maintains that the Republican Party has become too entwined with religious conservative agenda. "When religion and government become aligned with each other, it's inherently divisive," he said. He also warned against Republicans embracing a "particular sectarian religious agenda as their own."
What do the Freepers think?

Check some of the posts on this thread:
•He's retired and doesn't count anymore. We need to make our presence felt even more and totally shut people like him up!

•Danforth is an ordained Episcopal priest. Naturally, he wouldn't understand committed Christians whose faith actually impacts their lives and votes.

•Good riddance to this sap.
This is what passes for mainstream conservative Christianity in the United States. It's a full roar for blood and revenge.

We believe a majority of Christians rejects this kind of extremist rhetoric. We believe a majority of Republicans sees the injustice in such remarks.

Where is their din of inequity?

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