Monday, August 08, 2005

YOUR TURN, 08.08.05

Ah, the bag of mail bulges like the crotch of a Spinal Tap bass player.

Smitty has a few choice words for conservatives who claim that liberals are happy when soldiers die:

Also posted on the Freep site were comments about the Iraq Vet who ran for Congress in Ohio. The man happens to be a Democrat, and is openly in opposition to the policy that keeps us in Iraq. For those reasons, Freepers suggest he better watch his back if he gets re-deployed. "Has he ever heard of fragging," one freeper writes. "He probably never even carried a gun because all he did was hang out with other lawyers," writes another. So I guess if you subscribe to the freeper way, the rally cry would be "Support the troops!...if they aren't Democrats."

Not all Freepers are bad. But the rotten ones -- the true hatemongers -- give black eyes to every conservative who loves the United States.

Speaking of conservatives: Billy Long, the morning boy blabber on KWTO-AM, has a degrees-of-separation anecdote regarding Peter Jennings:

Mary Hood (Daughter of Paul and Darlene at Hood's Truck Stop in Halltown) works for Jennings and she gave Barbara, Kaleen and Me a tour of the studio and his World News Tonight set a few months ago. We were there on a Saturday and they were all on "Pope Watch" but instead of any news of the Pope's impending death, the BTK news conference was announced and it created a real frenzy. Mary said Peter is great to work with and when we were there it was before he announced he had the Lung Cancer.

Yes, Billy Long actually referred to himself as "Me," uppercase and all.

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