Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Is Paul Rofus an agitator, someone who just wants to stir it up? Or is the high school student from Schaumburg, Ill., really serious about his quest to join the girls bowling team?

WLS-TV in Chicago has the story:
Officials at Schaumburg High School have told the senior he cannot be on the team because of Illinois High School Association rules. The school does not have a boys bowling team. The student's parents say they are ready to file a lawsuit.

Rofus, a senior at Schaumburg High School, knew he risked being suspended if he attempted to show up at the bowling tryouts Tuesday for the female bowling team at Hoffman Lanes. He says although he was warned by the school's athletic director that he would be suspended, he decided to proceed with his fight.

"He also said if I show up at the bowling alley again like I did the other day or anybody approaches him or look at him the wrong way, he will suspend me," said Rofus.

The high school claims they are following policy of the Illinois High School Association. In a release the school states, like most school districts, High School District 211 administers its interscholastic sports programs with the IHSA guidelines for post-season competition in which member schools are not permitted to enter a boy in an IHSA girls state tournament series.

"Participation opportunities for girls do not match participation opportunities for boys. Boys cannot participate on girls' team, although girls, if an opportunity is not provided, can participate on boys' teams."
Without a boys bowling team, what's Rofus supposed to do? Let the boy bowl. We will refrain from all jokes about gutters and balls.

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