Wednesday, November 09, 2005


James Keown, the KLIK radio talker arrested Monday for poisoning his wife, was known by everyone in Jefferson City as a gregarious guy. Reporters who knew Keown said they completely surprised by his arrest.

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But at least one person in mid-Missouri had a heads-up about the Keown probe back in Massachusetts. KOMU-TV in Columbia reports:
Keown's boss Brian Wilson was one of the few people who knew about the investigation.

Wilson says Keown called him in March to warn him that the FBI was in town asking questions and they might need to speak to KLIK employees.
Wilson told KOMU that he hadn't heard anything else since March, so Monday's arrest at the KLIK studio "stunned" him.

Hole(s) in the story: Did police interview KLIK employees? What did Wilson tell his boss(es) at Cumulus Media? Most of all, did anyone working at a self-proclaimed "news talk" radio station ever pick up a phone and call Massachusetts authorities to, you know, check on any news involving James Keown?

Keown has an attorney in Boston. The Associated Press reports that Keown hired Adam A. Kretowicz "shortly after" Julie Keown's death in September 2004.

The Boston Herald reports that the Keowns moved from Missouri to Massachusetts to get away from pesky Missouri relatives who wanted to know when the Keowns were going to have kids.

You know, we're not sure the guy did it. Unless the authorities have a Gatorade bottle with traces of antifreeze in it -- and James Keown's fingerprints on the bottle, and a receipt proving he purchased antifreeze -- the case against him, as outlined in media reports and a prosecutor's news conference, seems mediocre at best.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a "leading forensic pathologist" and he never heard of murder by antifreeze? Hmmm...

From the Boston Herald:
Murder by antifreeze will be tough to prove
By Brian Ballou
Thursday, November 10, 2005
A leading forensic pathologist who has investigated death for 45 years says he’s never heard of someone carrying out a homicide using antifreeze – a charge a former Waltham man faces today.
     “I’ve heard of deaths involving accidental ingestions, but never have I heard of someone using ethylene glycol to commit homicide,” said Werner Spitz, professor of pathology at Wayne State University in Detroit and the medical examiner for nearby Macomb County.

Anonymous said...

What disturbs me most about this whole story is that evidently Gatorade tastes like antifreeze. I guess I'll find something else to quench my thirst...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing back. I know that his site was shut down so I wanted people to see mine so that they can respond to it. I know that everyting will work out. Send my site to everyone you know please so I can get more comments. Thank you.