Thursday, November 24, 2005


CHATTER's favorite perv teacher may still be hot, but she's off the hot-news radar.

We were saddened to see Debra Lafave accept a deal that let her off with three years house arrest and seven years probation -- saddened because we won't see another luscious nutball like her anytime soon, saddened because we won't get to read more how Lafave had an "eating disorder, was obsessed with cleanliness and was taking medication for bipolar disorder and depression." Though the accounts of the sex she had with a student paint Lafave as a dead fish ("moaned a couple of times, then laughed") with a landing strip. And a black thong with roses on it? Egads.

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Anonymous said...

Police reports can be hotter than

One of the perks of being a cub reporter is being assigned to the cop beat???

(That's so bad it should disgrace my blog rather than yours).