Thursday, November 24, 2005


But only because 70 years have passed since Ron Ramey, 19, ran off with his girlfriend, Marcella, 14.

The Associated Press gives you the feel-good lede for Thursday, from Boise, Idaho:
When 19-year-old Ron Ramey fell in love with 14-year-old Marcella, doubters said it would never last -- they were just too far apart in age. But the young couple didn't listen, spiriting from Nezperce to New Meadows to get married in secret. On Saturday, the Rameys will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

He's 90 and she's 85, both in good health. And the romance that began so long ago is far from losing its luster.

"I still love him so much," Marcella told The Idaho Statesman. "When we go to bed at night, we always hold hands. 'I love you' are the last words we say to each other."

Their wedding anniversary has fallen on Thanksgiving seven times since their wedding in 1935.
In today's hypersensitive climate, Ramey could well be charged with statutory rape and forced to register as a sex offender. Yes, we know today's 14-year-old boys and girls are much less mature than their counterparts from the mid-1930s. They're also much more worldly.

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