Thursday, November 24, 2005


Never let it be said that Jessica Simpson, the busty singer, does not have a sense of news judgment. She and husband Nick Lachey announced their separation on Wednesday, guaranteeing the public will soon forget about their three-year experiment in matrimony.

From our decidedly dude-like perch, we feel immense relief for Lachey, who came across as a likeable sort in "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica." Perhaps he can gather up the remnants of his life and launch a nostalgia tour for 98 Degrees.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe Faux News spent much of the morning talking about this and what a tragedy it was? Yes, it's Thanksgiving. Yes, it is traditionally a slow news day. But is there NOTHING more important to discuss than this? If only there were a news program that dealt with important issues and avoided the hype and time-wasting crap.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's the most interesting news I've heard all day - no joke. Too bad I missed it. Maybe it's still on somewhere ...

Anonymous said...

You really need to pay more attention. A quick check of headlines on various online news outlets:
+More troops have died in Iraq following suicide bombings..
+Jordan's King Abdullah II appointed a new prime minister and called for a war on terrorism.
+Dozens are homeless following an Atlanta apartment fire.
+Iran is preparing to start nuclear enrichment.
+ Israeli forces arrested a top Islamic Jihad commander in the West Bank.
+A balloon injured two people at Macy's Parade.
+The U.S. nears its 1,000th execution since 1977.

Surely these stories are more interesting and worth your consideration and time than another overrated celebrity couple break-up.

Anonymous said...

Doclarry, No, those stories are not more interesting. I read (or don't read) that crap everyday. The reality is one could print those same stories word for word day after day and not many would notice. But first thing I said to my kids after reading Chatter? "Guess what? Nick and Jessica finally broke up." They were very impressed with my knowledge of world events. Just wouldn't have had the same punch if I'd have said, "Guess what? Iran is preparing to start nuclear enrichment!" They'd have furrowed thier brows, declared me drunk, and turned back toward the television. Sorry. But do stay on top of things for me! I'll let you know if any pop culture phenoms take place.

Anonymous said...

In the world of Anon:

Nick and Jessica....sooooooo shiny!

Real news....soooooooo icky!

And with attitudes like that--reinforced, no less, for the next generation of ill-informed voters (or outright non-voters)--is it any wonder that our country ends up with so many morons in elected office???


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, the "morons" in elected office probably don't know a thing about Nick and Jessica; elected officials are often far removed from pop culture. My kids, however, know exactly what's going on the world - politics and incidentals. They know what's important yet know how to have fun. It's called being multi-faceted, absolutely not narrow-minded or singularly focused. And their "pathetic" excuse for a mother votes in every piddling election that comes along; sometimes the ill-informed kids stand next to the booth and give their opinions. I'll give you one point, though: I do love shiny stuff. As do the kids ...