Sunday, February 26, 2006


The e-mail from MIT was succinct: While snoozing, we failed to note the passing of Darrin McGavin, the Night Stalker.

MIT also tried to tweak us on the passing of Don Knotts, saying he learned of the historic event while in his heated recliner but failed to inform his fellow ghouligans.

(Speaking of deaths, Lou Costello died this day in 1959. No points for that one.)

Mayor Dan, another Dead Zone player, rang Sunday morning to call dibs on McGavin, only to learn that MIT had beaten him to the call by a good two hours. We justified our fumble by noting that Barney Fife was dead, for chrissakes, and no offense to McGavin, we loved him as the Night Stalker, but his death was an urgent. Don Knotts' passing was a five-bell bulletin.

"Game On," MIT declared in his Sunday morning e-mail. No more half-hearted attempts at being first with morbid news. MIT and Mayor Dan are ready to play.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget we're also mourning the passage of Don Knotts, too.