Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Filing ends on Tuesday for people who want to run in the August primary election. As we noted on Monday, the Democrats continue to draw flies to the 7th District congressional race. Two more >minor candidates filed for the Democratic primary on Monday, leaving the field wide open for a "name" Dem to run against Rep. Roy Blunt.

(Who, besides Jim Kreider, former speaker of the Missouri House? Top Dems suggest former state rep Doug Harpool or Craig Hosmer, chair of the Greene County Dems.)

Keep track of the filing in the 7th District by clicking here.

The other (non)-race to watch is the 30th District state senate seat now held by "Aunt Norma" Champion. As of Tuesday morning, Democrats had not fielded a challenger to the former TV personality.


Anonymous said...

Doug Harpool filed this afternoon...

Anonymous said...

I could die a happy man if Midge Potts beat Roy Blunt. Who does Potts look more like Wayne Country or Claire McCaskill?