Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Roger Brumley of Aurora, Mo., has typed an especially hilarious letter to the editor in Wednesday's News-Leader (First in Family Living coverage, and don't you forget it, bucko).

Mr. Brumley believes George W. Bush "does not need our criticism." He also seems to believe in askng questions:
With the criticism that President Bush receives, I have heard little about alternative solutions. I hear how President Bush has done everything wrong, yet when it comes to viable realistic alternatives there are very few who will take a stand on what they would have done different at the time needed.

In the face of the terrorist attack of 9/11, what should the president have done? With the accepted knowledge given to President Bush and the Congress, what should the president have done with Iraq? With the lack of formal local and state requests for federal intervention, what should the president have done in the following days of an unprecedented hurricane? Given the current constant threats of attack on our nation, what means of protection, inclusive of information gathering, should the president have initiated?

It is easy to critique someone's actions, especially when it is viewed as past events. It is not so easy to give viable realistic alternatives when the moment is "now." No president in the history of America has had to make the decisions that this president has had to make. President Bush does not need our criticism as much as he needs our prayers and support.
Some answers for the perplexed Mr. Brumley:

•After 9/11, President Bush should have stayed the course in Afghanistan instead of launching a pre-emptive war against Iraq.

•The president shouldn't blame his failure in Iraq on Congress.

•Bush has no excuse for the federal government's failure during Hurricane Katrina. He should have taken charge. He did not.

•If there are "current constant threats of attack" against the U.S., the president should use all legal means to stop those threats. He should not ignore federal law. He should not spy on American citizens.

The bottom-line answer for Mr. Brumley -- and the president -- is simple, really. What should George W. Bush do? He should resign.


Anonymous said...

Bravo chap, the last line in particular.
Not that it will have any more effect than Fema in a hurricane, but well said.

Anonymous said...

The saddest words of tongue and pen from the horrific Bush/Cheney legacy may well turn out to have been the “imp-LIE-d” connection of Saddam with the events of 9-11. Here is a Letter to the Editor of my own Red State Rag: The Jefferson City News Tribune:

Dear Editor,

I read a statistic from the latest Zogby poll today that should deeply disturb every American regardless of their politics. Of the 130,000 troops serving in Iraq, “85% said the U.S. mission is mainly to retaliate for Saddam’s role in the 9-11 attacks.”

Seeing as how no one in the U.S. still believes this old Bush/Cheney inspired fairy tale and even Bush and Blair have openly repudiated this falsehood, I wonder who gave them such a deadly piece of misinformation.

I would ask those who have loved ones serving in Iraq to please write to them and ask how they came by such an idea. I hope their responses will be shared with the readers of the News Tribune.

Only 11% of the troops said they believed we were there for the oil and 6% said we were there to establish permanent military bases – both real reasons. By the way, less than a quarter believed we were in Iraq to bring democracy.

The question then becomes, if they knew President Bush’s actual motivation for placing them in harms way, would they perhaps be as opposed to this war as the majority of American civilians are? This is a scary thought. I would expect that these findings would disturb the supporters of the war every bit as much as it does me. Even though I have always opposed Bush’s illegal war, I might feel a little less agony over these courageous warriors knowingly sacrificing for a cynical realpolitik, rather than a brainless myth more bizarre than a belief in the Easter Bunny. I think that is even more tragic than 2,296 American soldiers dying for nothing!

Robert Boldt
Jefferson City

Further note:
The fact that this administration continues to let them carry on in this self-serving delusion is an act of such monumental, cynical manipulation that it makes me wonder why we are so civil and merciful with these brutes!