Thursday, March 02, 2006


The headline in the New York Post: 'BROKEBACK' ABUSED SHEEP

From the story:
The makers of the gay cowboy flick "Brokeback Mountain" were too rough on sheep, an animal-rights group charged yesterday. In a letter to director Ang Lee, The Humane Society also complained about the way the horses and elk were treated.

"The excessively rough handling of the sheep and horses leaves viewers questioning whether anyone was looking out for the safety of those animals," the letter said.

"And many also wonder how the filmmakers got the elk to lose its footing and crumple to the ground 'on cue' after being shot."

A spokesman for the producer of the Best Picture-nominated movie, Focus Features, had no immediate comment.
Too rough? The need for man-to-lamb lubricant is obvious.

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