Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Names: Tom and Jim Evans. The latter is a Chicago police detective. Tom works the North Side as a cop. They're retiring and wanted to start a business. They're opening a Dunkin' Donuts in Libertyville, Ill. The Daily-Tribune reports:
Yes, the cops and doughnut jokes get stale. Although they've heard it a million times, the Evans brothers shrug off the inevitable observations. In this case, it could be a competitive advantage.

"We're not shying away from it," Tom said. "It doesn't bother us - we're a bunch of jokers anyway. It actually works in our favor."

For the record, police officers aren't at those places for the food, he said.

"It's not so much the doughnuts. You're on midnights, it's been a long day, you want to sit down someplace and have a hot cup of coffee."
Not so much the doughnuts?

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