Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Two or three bullets to whet your appetite:

•Norma Champion obviously wanted to be anyplace but the Library Center on Tuesday night. The League of Women Voters held a forum; Champion showed up but clearly didn't enjoy the experience of answering questions. See what happened when the senator was asked a question about campaign contribution limits. She says she didn't support lifting the limits, but she certainly voted for the bill that did what she says she doesn't support.

•Morris James, the former news director of KTTS, has Radio Weird up and going. James is an old-school journalist; he actually believes in things like serving the public by providing news and information. Go figure.

•President Bush said this week that Democrats are "genetically disposed" to raise taxes. His view of science, exposed.

•Thursday is haircut day. About a foot of it going to Locks of Love. In theory, enough will remain to keep a ponytail. In theory.


admin said...

Why don't you just do the deed and join me in the bald man club? balding men get more head.

Anonymous said...

Ron, thanks for the mention.
I read your blog nearly every day and have done so for a couple of years.


Anonymous said...

What rant will VD(J) go on tomorrow now that you *REALLY* do have better hair than him?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this:

BTW, Morris - Nice website.

Anonymous said...

Re the Aunt Norma bulletpoint:

Another clue was when she got really testy and raised her voice out of the middle of nowhere and preached about hyothetical behavior (Doug Harpool's)in the legislature-basically scolding her opponent-for what she deemed "ranting and raving"-that in order to get anywhere in the legislature you have to "compromise" (code for walking and talking the Repub mantra.)

Doug didn't let it go. He continued to precisely articulate his concerns regarding lobbying and campaign contributions among other very important issues of health care, education. First time I have heard him speak. The guy really impressed me and he has my vote.

I hope Glendale is packed with press tomorrow during the debate.

Anonymous said...

Who wants wiry, salt & pepper hair?

Anonymous said...

More new bloggers in the area. Radio Weird looks good! Jack linked to two more. And I found another surfing around the other day. I'll update the local links and Springfield Bloggers meetin' times later this evening.

Also, a student of mine wrote a fact-check article about the Talent and McCaskill ads. Look for it on Springfield Citizen-Press later this afternoon.

Ron, will we see you at the next meeting?