Monday, November 06, 2006


How many seats will Democrats pick up in the U.S. House of Representatives?

How many new Democrats will be in the U.S. Senate? Enough to regain control of that club?

Our best guesses, based on too much reading:

•House goes to the Dems, 235-200.

•Senate splits 50-50. Claire McCaskill wins, 51-48. She gets 40.2 percent of the vote in Greene County.

In state issues:

•Missouri's Amendment 2 -- the stem-cell issue -- passes, 54-46.

•Amendment 3, the smoking tax, wins approval with a similar margin.

•The minimum-wage increase passes with 63 percent of the vote.

Your turn.


MoJoe said...

With the aid of a deck of tarot cards, astrological charts and other euphemisms for "pulling things out your @$$," the Mailbox predicts:

~ Amendment 2 will win 51-49, Amendment 3 will lose 60-40.

~ Doug Harpool beats Aunt Norma 55-45.

~ Dan Clemens suffers an embarrasing loss to Robin Kreider Adams, which won't matter, because he'll be a no-show to his own watch party.

~ Claire McCaskill will get beat but not by much; 51-49.

The Lorax said...

There will be recounts of the US senate race...

and photo-id issues (even though it's not law).

Democrats may win, but perhaps not a landslide.

CNN had neat numbers of turnovers w.r.t. presidential approval #'s tonight. If it works that way, it WILL be a complete flip.

Go vote.

John Stone said...

I think one of the more funnest observations tonight will be (a) how many vots will the Libertarian get in the 7th District ... I am guessing about 10,000; and (b) what will the undervote in that race be?

Only the dems could pull off a sh**headed move like this race.

It just tells Blunt to keep-on, keepin'-on. Maybe he can find another friend like DeLay and Abramoff. Or even better, go into their present business with them.

John Stone said...

Maybe we can be like VD(J) says this morning (I'll have the clip up later on mine where I scream at the radio) and say to the voters "vote like gawd wants you to vote."

What the crap is that? If gawd wants to vote let her get her ass down here, register, and then show up at the polling place -- I'll be there with my camera.

In fact, that way we could do away with the clerks office, voters, polling places and all that nonsense. Let gawd cast the one necessary ballot to decide anything.

I think I am gonna' hurl.

John Stone said...

You know that the stem cell admend is gonna' win because at 8:25 VD(J) dug up the Hitler Zombie.

That the last argument possible from a failing idea on the net and in talk radio.

Anonymous said...

Harool gets beat 52 - 48

McCaskill gets beat 50.5 - 49.5

Stem Cell wins along with Cig. tax

Anonymous said...

Dems may get the House back, but not by a 35 seat spread. Talent wins, McCaskill sues. Aunt Norma thumps Harpool as will Dennison over Hagan.

Stem Cell gets defeated as does Amendment 3. Minimum wage probably passes, even though less than 10% of Missouri's workforce earns minimum wage.

The over-confidence on the part of the dems only fired up the gop base and the churches fired up their congregations to defeat 2.

Anonymous said...

Democrats take control of the House 222-214.

Talent wins 49.4%-48.7% (automatic recount- issues with ID's, litigation, etc).

Champion beats Harpool 50.8%-48.2%

Amendment 2 fails 52%-48%.

Anonymous said...

Let's go to the scoreboard:

McCaskill 49 Talent 47
(Senate splits 50/50; Cheney wields shotgun vote)

Champion 53 Harpool 45

Stem Cells 51 Vatican 48

Clean Air 52 Philip Morris 47

Wal-Mart 60 Minimum Wage 39

Puritans 63 Teen Barflies 36

Christians 12 Lions 0 (overtime)

Rice 18 Macaroni 6

Cards win! Cards win! Cards win!!!