Wednesday, December 06, 2006


And she has a great piece of history. It could be yours, if you cough up around $100,000.

Louise Harrison is selling her own copy of "Meet The Beatles." The signed U.S. copy of the LP is one of only nine known to exist.

The Sunday Mirror offers:
Louise got it signed on a train to Washington DC on the band's first concert tour of America in 1964.

"I got all of them to sign it for me," said Louise, 75.

For a while, the record - one of only nine signed US albums - was housed in President Clinton's library in Little Rock, Arkansas, as part of a rock'n'roll display.

But when Louise, who lives in a trailer in Branson, Missouri, realised how much was worth she decided to sell it. She said: "I thought the best thing would be to use it to help my family."

Louise plans to split the cash between her family, environmental charities and the Liverpool Legends, a Beatles tribute band she manages.
That tribute band just finished its Branson gig at the Caravelle Theater and is off to Puerto Rico for a couple dates. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Anonymous said...

FYI: I saw the Liverpool Legends show and it is really quite good. If you like The Beatles, it's worth the ticket and time.

Anonymous said...

Are there any good Branson hotels
you recommend staying at? I'm looking for something near the theaters.

Branson Travel Office said...

The Branson Liverpool Legends Show is awesome! Like the other comment said, it's definitely worth going to see when you're here!