Monday, December 11, 2006


Like Brenda Ann Spencer, we don't like Mondays.

Today's top gripe comes from California, where a high-school senior decided to stage "Cabaret." Not at the high school, mind you, but that doesn't matter to the prudes who see filth in everything they don't like.

The production, staged at Antelope Valley College, was scheduled to open on Friday night. But the social cons were trying hard to stop the alleged madness. The Antelope Valley Press report on the controversy includes a hoot of a quote from Donita Winn, a trustee at the high school:
"I'm really going to suggest - not knowing anything about the play - that the girls wear a little more clothing," Winn said. "Also, the poses are a concern."
But the Nazi angle? No problem.

One Monday bullet:

•Happy birthday, Smitty!


Busplunge said...

This interesting little item has so many angles to comment on, I don't know where to start!

But the main thing for me, at least, was Brenda Ann Spencer's mug shot.

Work in front, party in the rear!
Mullets rule!

Anonymous said...

Bread and circuses.