Thursday, March 29, 2007


Springfield's ice-storm debris should vanish from curbside over the next few weeks, as contractors do final collection, city officials said Thursday.

Factoids from the city:
•Public streets will get two more passes. "There are some isolated circumstances remaining where first pass has not been completed and those residents will have the opportunity to have another pass," said Louise Whall, the city's public information officer (and Duchess of Debris). "In a number of cases, DRC and City Public Works are working directly with affected homeowners to arrange debris removal under various types of special circumstances."

•Once DRC Emergency Services contractors move through a street to do the final collection, the street will be marked off the list and crews won't be back -- unless special equipment is needed to tackle unusual cases, such as removal of especially large logs, or dealing with oddball drainage culverts.

•Get vehicles off the street if they're blocking your debris pile.

•Don't get ripped off. DRC isn't charging and "no one should have to pay to have their debris removed until the final collection process is completed," Whall said.

•Hanging limbs? "If a potentially hazardous limb is not hanging over the public right of way," Whall said, "the city would not be involved and cannot address issues involving private property responsibility."
Check the city's web site for more info.

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