Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This, that, the other thing:

•Anna Nicole Smith had a son in 2001, according to the Phoenix New Times, and the father of that child seems to have the proof. Johnny Soto, a member of the Tohono O'odham tribe, says he and Smith had a month-long affair while she vacationed at Paradise Valley's Sanctuary Resort and Spa (he worked there). The child's name is Marshall. Smith is listed as his mother on a birth certificate.

The compelling New Times account paints Smith as a dumb racist, a woman who wanted Soto because the taboo made it "almost like sleeping with a black man." From the story:
"I remember, one time she met us close to Christmas and gave us presents while [Howard K.] Stern played slots in the Casino," Soto recalls. "She gave Marshall an Indian play doll, with a teepee and a horse. That was okay. But then she gave me an old Cher CD. Remember that one from the '70s, Half-Breed? She said it was one of her favorite songs, and could I play it for Marshall. I kept thinking, 'How dumb is this woman?' She also tried to get me to f--- her again, in the Casino restroom while Marshall played with his toy. By this time she was so fat, she could barely fit in the stall. Ultimately, I couldn't go through with it. She kept saying she wanted me to use my 'bow and arrow' on her 'ax wound.' I told her that was no ax wound, it was the Grand Canyon! She got so pissed, she almost left in a huff, but then came back when she realized she hadn't hugged Marshall goodbye."
A bottomless barrel, the Smith saga.

•Don't forget to check out this Washington Post story about erectile dysfunction, written by Ben Harder. Reminds us of a photo cutline published in the News-Leader -- one that identified a member of a Christian singles group as "Peter Beater." Yes, he was joking. No, it wasn't funny.

•Court TV is changing its name and doing a rebranding to "target a psychographic the network is calling 'Real Engagers,' viewers who like watching shows about "real people," especially action stories." This, according to Broadcasting & Cable, which makes no mention of what might happen to Beth Karas.


Anonymous said...

Three observations:

1. I am Spartacus Nicole Smith. Where the hell's MY millions?

2. Sorry, but "Peter Beater" making it into a News-Leader photo cutline IS funny.

3. It has been a long time since Court TV enjoyed anything resembling credibility. This is just a new low. What's next? They hire some executive producer named "Peter Beater?"

Desdinova said...

The News Leader ran a photo of a guy I went to high school with once and refered to him as a "habitually unfaithful spouse." He was in a Christian marriage counselling program. He was a goody-two shoes in school so I enjoyed that article. I had it framed.