Friday, May 18, 2007


Elizabeth Rojas used to be an elementary-school principal in San Antonio. But she couldn't pass a state exam required for the gig.

Couldn't pass it? Let's revise that statement. Rojas failed the test -- 38 times. WOAI reports:
The district has now removed her from that job and given her the position of administrative assistant at Smith.

She now makes just slightly less than her nearly $78,000 a year principal's salary.
A retired administrator is now in charge of Smith Elementary School. Bet he appreciates Rojas becoming his "administrative assistant."


Anonymous said...

Any guidance, Ron or others, on where to find the real story of all that went down in Jeff City yesterday? Ye olde News-Loser has given us about five grafs.

Anonymous said...

This is pitiful. How is it that she was allowed to take the exam 38 times? Of course, we are talking about Texas, right? Home of the No-Child-No-Oil-Well-Left-Behind GWB?
Guess that explains it.

Busplunge said...

uysed to be, according to my sometimes faulty recollection, that in Springberg, if a principal was removed from a school principal position, they still received their principal salary, regardless of where they ended up in the district.
Someone, please tell me this practice is now discarded.

Anonymous said...

Wow. 38 times. That's either courage or stupidity or maybe a strange combination of both. Did she have to pay for all those attempts or did the school district pay?