Thursday, March 27, 2008


In Florida, in an elementary school classroom. Incredible. A deputy in Orange County says she had to do it, especially after taking a punch to the nose.

WFTV reports:
The girl at Moss Park Elementary punched the deputy in the nose so hard the deputy went to the hospital. While an 11-year-old shocked by a Taser sounds extreme to some parents, other parents told Eyewitness News the girl deserved it. ...

According to the arrest report, before school Thursday morning, another student told teachers at Moss Park that Thaliamar [Jimenez] pushed a boy into the street. When teachers tried to talk to the girl she became combative, started pushing her desk and chair and even spit at the teachers.

The school resource officer, Orange County Deputy Donna Hudepohl, tried to take Thaliamar to the principal's office and that's when the child started swinging, hitting the officer in the nose. Hudepohl was transported to Florida East Hospital. She sustained severe bruising to the nasal cavity as a result of the injury. ...

Jimenez was transported to Florida East Hospital to have the Taser prongs removed, but she had no other injuries. She was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, disrupting a school function as well as resisting with violence.
Mom says the girl has a learning disability. The Taser probably won't help.


Unknown said...

I'm not so sure, Ron. I'm no proponent of child abuse, but many kids today are suffering from a severe learning disability. They have not been able to learn that actions have consequences. This hinders their ability to learn and deal well with others. It certainly prevents them from understanding authority, something we all have to deal with in this life.

Unfortunately, this violent child is not alone. Every day we hear these stories, though they generally don't end with a taser-related hospital visit. Generally, the adults involved speak in harsh tones and make them sit in the corner for a while.

My guess is that "time-outs" aren't working. Tasers probably aren't the answer, but we need to come up with one soon.


P.S. Yes, I have three children (from 5 to 16. None of them have ever been tasered or broken an adult's nose.

Anonymous said...

First they taser kids at a John Kerry speech and now in a Florida school.

Augh, maybe she was just upset her vote for Hillary in Florida didn't count.

You know how those disenfranchised voters with dimpled chads can be.