Sunday, June 08, 2008


Man in Australia squats for a little roadside relief. Deadly brown snake squirms between his legs and lunges at the dangly bits. Man and snake freak.

The Cairns Post has the story:
Emergency workers raced to the scene to treat the man.

The wound was wrapped in plastic in case poison had penetrated the skin but medical staff gave the man the all-clear after conducting tests.

He was taken to Cooktown Hospital where he spent a night recovering.

The ambulance spokesman described him as "lucky", given his near encounter with one of Australia’s most poisonous snakes.

"I think he was a bit shocked and embarrassed," he said.
Life imitates joke.


Anonymous said...

No pun entended, but great header. I think it was about 40 years ago when I first heard the joke.

Michelle said...

I was just thinking that gives new meaning to having a snake in your pants.

Jason said...

(obligatory joke)

Hey, can't blame a snake for missing a target that small.

(/obligatory joke)

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOO did not read that as the COOK-town hospital initially.

Branson Missouri said...

Ballsy Snake