Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman is an inmate at the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Mo. Now he is reportedly dying, and the feds are worried. Fox News reports:
The FBI has sent a bulletin to state and local law enforcement warning of possible terrorist reprisals as the health of an incarcerated terror mastermind fails, FOX News has learned.

Although the FBI said there is no credible indication that a plan for retribution is in place, the agency sent the warning as Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman was treated in Missouri for bleeding.

The blind sheik, who was the alleged architect of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, has called for revenge should he die in U.S. custody.

Last week, Abdel-Rahman was given blood transfusions at St. John's Regional Health Center in Springfield, Mo., after spitting up blood in his prison cell. A tumor was reportedly found on his liver.
Abdel-Rahman was convicted of plotting to blow up the United Nations.


Anonymous said...

You might be interested to know that occasionally I run into a woman who works at the Med Ctr as something .. probably a matron, at my neighborhood bar. As recently as last week she told me that he was no longer at the med center, hadn't been there in a long time, and said that all the patients were being sent to Cox for Med treatment. Since I didn't know I couldn't call her a liar at the time, but I will be very interested to see her the next time to ask how she figures that Faux News (just a vowel movement from the truth itself) got it so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

He was involved in planning the ACTUAL first bombing of the World Trade Center. Not the UN, where he would be welcome with open arms.

Larry Burkum said...

Sorry, anon. You are incorrect.

"After the first World Trading Center bombing in 1993, the FBI began to investigate Rahman and his followers more closely. With the assistance of an Egyptian informant wearing a listening device, the FBI managed to record Rahman issuing a fatwa encouraging acts of violence against US civilian targets, particularly in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. The most startling plan, the government charged, was to set off five bombs in 10 minutes, blowing up the United Nations, the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the George Washington Bridge and a federal building housing the FBI. Basically the routes into New York City from New Jersey, home to the terrorists. Government prosecutors showed videotapes of defendants mixing bomb ingredients in a garage before their arrest in 1993. Rahman was arrested in 1993 along with nine of his followers. In October 1995 he was convicted of seditious conspiracy and was sentenced to life in prison."

"Rahman was sentenced to life in prison after his 1995 conviction for his advisory role in a plot to blow up New York City landmarks, including the United Nations.

"His health has deteriorated in recent years, and he was transferred in September 2003 from the federal Supermax prison in Colorado, where the country's most notorious inmates are held, to the U.S. Medical Center for Prisons in Springfield, Mo. Prisons officials have said Rahman has suffered from diabetes, which has threatened the loss of his limbs."
Houston Chronicle

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected...suffice to say, the names of Muslim Islamic terrorists blend together...there are SO many of them. Very few Methodist terrorists. Anyway, this guy's BOD. Better Off Dead.

Anonymous said...

I saw Blind Cleric once at the Shrine Mosque. He opened for John Lee Hooker. Hot-ass blues, man.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Roman Catholic terrorists, though, in Northern Ireland. Plenty of Protestant terrorists there, too, allied around Ian Paisley. These two groups of Christians have been killing each other as well as innocent bystanders since 1969.

And then we have the Christian Serbians who were responsible for the deaths of more than 200,000 people in Bosnia, mostly Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I liked how Blind Cleric had that little fat girl dressed as a bee in their videoes.

Anonymous said...

There were some great acts during that particular news cycle, weren't there? Blind Muslim Cleric, The Montana Freemen, John Feeney & the Grand Jury. Man, good times.